Utterly ridiculous that anyone should hold her views on marriage against her in a beauty contest - as a matter of fact those views are mainstream all over the world. Most people believe that same sex unions are unnatural in that they have nothing to do with procreation.

Technically of course 'gay marriage' is a contradiction in terms in that it can never give rise to a consummated union of one man and one woman which arrangement of opposites is obviously necessary for natural procreation. Same sex couples can't have children so they sometimes try to get around the problem with some sort of short cut or unnatural procedure such as using a surrogate mother or ART. It's known however that ART gives rise to a 30 per cent greater likelihood of birth defects and, unfortunately, children who are not raised by their natural parents are at a disadvantage for example because parents of the opposite sex generally provide the best balance of stimuli for children in their formative years.

Men who are sexually attracted to men do have an affliction caused by emotionally remote fatherhood in infancy and whilst that provides no basis for discrimination with respect to property and taxation rights, equally, the arguments for altering the definition of marriage are not made out.