Appears it was built by low bid Contractors. Ars cites many reasons for the problems plus in their opinion, 3 years was too short to build a network this massive.

Many cite Amazon and Google sites in comparison, but remember Amazon and Google started small and grew, and did so over 15 - 20 years- not 3. This one had to "go from 0 to 60" in 3 years and interface with 50+ other sites in each of the states! No time for growth... it was all or nothing from Day 1. Interesting when you look at the details.

What makes matters even better is IF the GOTP had allowed the CR vote to occur (the Govt stayed open) and sat back, THIS would have been front page news and they could say "We told you so !" But with the shutdown and looming default crisis, this was greatly muted, and the GOTP took the big hit, not ACA. grin

GOTP !! "heeere's your sign !" (thank you Teddy Cruzin')