I have a Mac Pro running OS X 10.8.4. Itís networked to my Win 7 machine. I can map the Mac to my Windows box from Windows. I am able to access (map) my Win machine from the Mac and see the files and folders. The machines connect through a switch. No router. They are in the same workgroup with the same user on each. Firewalls are disabled. I am an Admin on both units. So, why canít I open, copy, etc., any file that I try to access on the Win 7 machine from the Mac? For example, if I try to view a plain text file, Mac says that it cannot be opened. If I try to copy the file to the Mac desktop, Mac says that I donít have permission (I do, at least in Windows). I believe the issue is on the Mac side, and I think that I correctly enabled the settings on the Mac. Thanks for any suggestions.