New Panther and itunes

Posted by: Anonymous

New Panther and itunes - 10/31/03 05:14 AM

What BS is this? You dutifully install Panther and then, when you plug in your ipod, you cannot upload your hundreds of dollars of bought music because your previous version of the software charaterized the new "computer" as unauthorized? This is, at best, BS. What do you all think?<br><br>
Posted by: Michael

Re: New Panther and itunes - 10/31/03 07:03 AM

Not sure I didn't have any problems with my iPod. It did say that it was linked to a different iTunes and asked if I wanted to link it to this one and I said yes and it did, but I had already copied all my MP3s from my back up drive.<br><br>
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Re: New Panther and itunes - 10/31/03 01:46 PM

Did you upgrade to Panther over top of a previous version, or is this a new installation.<br><br>If it is new then no, it isn't BS at all. It's there on purpose, so you can't take your iPod to your buddy's house and give him all of your music. A new installation would be the same as your buddy's computer. There's no way to tell the difference.<br><br>Although if you just did an upgrade, then yes, it is probably a bug. Report it to Apple.<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: New Panther and itunes - 10/31/03 02:35 PM

I upgraded to Panther with no problem. You simply have to say Yes when it asks if you want to Authorize this computer.<br><br><br>Visit Me!
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Re: New Panther and itunes - 10/31/03 03:54 PM

Exactly what MacGizmo said. I did an upgrade at first with Panther, and it worked with no problems... Then I decided to do a fresh install, so I backed up all my files, formatted, reinstalled, and moved my files back to their proper locations. When I started iTunes for the first time, it recognized the purchased music and didn't even ask me if I wanted to authorize, I was just able to listen to them right away. I believe it tracks the "authorized" systems via MAC address from your network card.<br><br>Are you trying to copy the music onto another computer from your iPod? Perhaps you could explain a little more in-depth exactly what you are doing on what machine(s)...<br><br>----<br>A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a dog without bricks tied to its head.
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Re: New Panther and itunes - 10/31/03 06:53 PM

Thanks for the help all. What I did is as follows: 1) I tried to upgrade but there issues with my disk (I guess) so I was forced to clean the disk. Prior to doing so I backed up most of my valuable items to my ipod in hard disk mode. After loading 10.3 I loaded the items from the ipod to the Panther mac. Everything was picked up in iTunes, but it will not load the ipod with the purchased songs only (everthing else, loaded from cd's worked fine). Why are the purchased songs the only non-loaded songs back to the ipod in iTunes mode?<br><br>
Posted by: Morom

Re: New Panther and itunes - 10/31/03 10:03 PM

I'm *assuming* you just copied the iTunes folder onto your iPod, and then copied it back onto your hard drive after installing Panther. What I might suggest is instead of using the "Import" feature in iTunes, just copy the iTunes folder (along with the iTunes Library and xml file) back to your "Music" folder, delete the preferences for iTunes (/*user/Library/Preferences), and start iTunes over again so that it re-creates the preferences file and loads your old iTunes music library file. I had to do that when I was on Jaguar because otherwise it wouldn't import my songs correctly.<br><br>See if that works...<br><br>----<br>A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a dog without bricks tied to its head.