iTunes.."First you see it..."

Posted by: sross

iTunes.."First you see it..." - 08/01/03 12:54 PM

Feel free to skip over this one if it has happened to you. I guess this would go under the heading of "A word to the wise."<br>Here's what happened: Yesterday, I recieved my "Missing Manual" for iTunes and, yes it is everything they say it is. It also is up to date with a big section on the Music Store.<br>I decided to make cd's of my purchased music and proceeded to highlight selections for burning(since there was quite a few.)<br>It would not do that so I created a new playlist and dragged over about 20 at a time to burn. The original aliases were in the "Purchased Music" playlist as well. Then it happened! The entire Purchased Music playlist disappeared! Both the ones I had dragged to the new playlist and the ones yet to be burned.<br>Not to panic. I remembered that it was just a group of aliases, but now I had to recreate the entire list. I had to go to the sign-in at the Music Store and get a copy of my account. Apple even has gone so far as to make it impossible to directly print (a first for me) and I had to use my SnapzPro to take a picture of the desktop so that I could print it.<br>So, here I am again, knowing that there is a simple solution to burning from the "Purchased Music" playlist (when there are many singles as opposed to albums) without having to create a new playlist and lose the list. I just don't know what that simple solution is and am prepared to slap myself on the forehead when the "burning question" is answered. Thanks.<br>Anybody?<br><br>
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Re: iTunes.."First you see it..." - 08/01/03 01:23 PM

To find out all your purchased music, go to the library, click on the kind column (if you don't have that column there,go under Edit--->view options, then check it off), and all purchased music will be listed as "Purchased AAC.<br>Click on the first purchased song....shift click on the last purchased song in the list (this will highlight all the purchased song)<br>Got to "file"--->New playlist from selection<br>Now you have your purchased playlist back.<br><br>When I make playlists to burn, I do it from the library window. Either I command click all the ones to include, then file--->make new playlist from selection<br>Or if they are together in a row, click first one, shift click last one ----file make new playlist from selection.<br> <br>As an edit...I have also used the purchased playlist to make selections (as in above) to make playlists for burning. I don't know what happened to you, something wonky I guess.<br><br>My Stuff<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Lori on 08/01/03 09:30 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: iTunes.."First you see it..." - 08/01/03 02:37 PM

As usual, its "Lori to the rescue!"<br>Thanks<br><br>