Dictation App?

Posted By: Acumowchek

Dictation App? - 01/21/14 04:15 PM

Any recommendations?
For some reason I thought iOS had it built inů
Posted By: Reboot

Re: Dictation App? - 01/21/14 05:02 PM

Posted By: Reboot

Re: Dictation App? - 01/21/14 05:08 PM

Oh wait, you said iOS.

It is built in, click the microphone instead when you go to type text.

Posted By: Acumowchek

Re: Dictation App? - 01/21/14 05:15 PM

I knew it had to be here somewhere!
Posted By: MacBozo

Re: Dictation App? - 01/22/14 07:53 PM

iPhone 4S and newer. grin
Posted By: MacGizmo

Re: Dictation App? - 03/18/14 12:43 PM

While you can use the dictate button in almost any text entry field, there is also a dedicated Voice Memos app on the iPhone. It works quite well, and syncs the memos with iTunes (if you wish to do that).
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