iTunes radio ads?

Posted by: Reboot

iTunes radio ads? - 12/14/13 11:23 PM

So I was looking for some traditional Christmas music stations. I skipped through songs on a few stations to see what they were like. I was skipping merrily through a station when an ad for an unnamed car company came up in the whole iTunes window. I couldn't do anything with iTunes until it played.


I miss ya Steve.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: iTunes radio ads? - 12/15/13 04:02 AM

I figured out why I have never seen the ads. I subscribe to iTunes Match, but was logged out of it. iTunes asked for a password the other day but I went by it.

After Googling I found out that to not get ads with iTunes Radio you must be subscribed to iTunes Match.

So you must pay to not see ads/spam in iTunes.

I still miss Steve.