iphone tripod

Posted by: KateSorensen

iphone tripod - 10/18/13 08:26 PM


I want a small tripod for my 5s iPhone. Have Googled and Amazoned. Do not like the idea that requires inserting phone into a case. This one is magnetic. Wonder if that would be reliable. Anyone have any tripod for iPhone suggestions/experience?

see it here - click

I actually have one of those octopus tripods for another camera but couldn't figure out anything to attach my iPhone.

The reviews are mixed.

It does not actually say it is for a 5s. How do phone sizes compare on the 5 5s ?

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Re: iphone tripod - 10/18/13 10:11 PM

5 and 5s are the same size.
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Re: iphone tripod - 10/18/13 10:14 PM

Look down this page and you may see something that will hold your camera and attach to an existing tripod. I see a few.

Or, as we discussed on FB...