A little iTunes help Please

Posted by: sross

A little iTunes help Please - 06/13/03 09:56 PM

I can't figure out the best way to update my external hard drive with recent downloads and burns. I know it must be simple but when I go to Users/Music/iTunes,etc, it shows all the music in individual folders and not the playlists. I would rather not just hand drag all of them over and maybe I'm missing something.<br>There must be a simple way to export the playlists simply. I am just real good at complicating things for myself. <br>Any help is appreciated.<br>Thanks<br><br>
Posted by: JonnyCat

Re: A little iTunes help Please - 06/14/03 12:25 AM

Just drag the songs out of the iTunes window and onto your external drive.<br><br>
Posted by: Trog

Re: A little iTunes help Please - 06/14/03 07:14 AM

Hey Sross,<br>I'm not exactly sure what you want to do, but it sounds like you want to move your iTunes library to an external firewire drive.<br><br>iRock posted something similar not too long ago. Rather than regurgitate what everyone said here is the link. <br>I hope it helps.<br><br>
Posted by: sross

Re: A little iTunes help Please - 06/14/03 02:34 PM

Thanks, Hagen and Rhett. <br>Here is what I did (with a little help from John:)<br>I rebooted in the external drive and went to prefs in iTunes. There are choices right there in prefs to "share" and......Viola, there it was! Now, all I have to do once a week or so is to boot on the external drive and it will update itself.<br><br>Why am I so concerned? About four or five months ago, I heard a strange "beep beep" sound from my hard disk on startup. I posted my curiosity and everybody said I was about to lose it. <br>I had an external drive and made a full backup. Then a few days ago the impossible happened.....the external drive went "beep beep ......click.....click" and died. My backup needed a backup!<br>Now, with my new external in place, I will call Apple and ask about the intermittent problem and ask them if I should wait for the hard disk to die forever or will they replace it now. <br>Either way, whet I intend to do is add another hard disk to the new one in the Quicksilver so I will have two internals and one external,......One for a backup and one as a backup to the backup! <br><br>