MapQuest App Question

Posted by: MacBozo

MapQuest App Question - 08/08/12 10:23 PM

Does it use data while it does its voodoo?
Posted by: Reboot

Re: MapQuest App Question - 08/09/12 12:06 AM

It has to d/l the maps so yes. You can save a little by starting your route when under wifi. It doesn't use that much though. I tested it once and I think in an hour it used maybe 10-15M or so? It doesn't use that much. It used so little I didn't bother to remember exactly how much.

You can monitor it too, Settings/General/Usage/Cellular Usage. It updates usage if you go Back to Cellular Usage and then forward again.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: MapQuest App Question - 08/09/12 01:22 AM

We're off on an +/-8 hour drive tomorrow, but I won't need to use it until we get near our destination (north of Atlanta). It's a wedding and most of the bride's extended family are going. It will be a busy 4 days. It's good to know that I won't blowout my data plan with it.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: MapQuest App Question - 08/09/12 03:01 AM

I usually only use it when I get close too, even with the dedicated portable GPS, which I don't need to carry anymore. smile

I can make it through the long haul, it's the last few turn by turns with the voice prompts that help. If you have a co-pilot the list of turn by turns is handy

I like MapQuest better than Maps because of the voice and options. Maps works ok though and I think it may use a little less data.

Take note, the voice nav and the ringer volume in MapQuest are set separate. Unless I missed something the only way to change the voice volume is to adjust the volume when it's speaking. If you hit the Volume when it's not speaking the speaker symbol says Ringer.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: MapQuest App Question - 08/13/12 01:58 PM

I used it to preview my routes and didn't need the voice directions. The traffic display is pretty cool and locating restaurants, etc is good.