Restoring Playlists

Posted by: Stumpy1

Restoring Playlists - 01/22/12 07:13 PM

Opened iTunes this morning and it started doing some kind of update or review of files. I stopped it, which was apparently a mistake. Now about 400 songs are missing from the application, though as far as I can tell, they all seem to be in the iTunes Library. So I can put the songs back on iTunes.

More irritating is that all the playlists that were on the application are missing. Any way to restore them? Are they stored in some folder that I'm not finding?

Running a 2006 iMac 2.16GHz Intel.

Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Restoring Playlists - 01/22/12 10:07 PM

The file will have an exclamation mark to the left which demotes iTunes doesn't know it's location. Attempting to play will give you a message that it's missing and the option to find it. When you navigate and find the song, it should ask you if you want to add the others too.
Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: Restoring Playlists - 01/22/12 10:33 PM

Thanks, Nuc. Most of the songs themselves appear to be in the Library. I'm missing the playlists that used to be in the window to the left of the list of songs.

I've discovered two songs actually missing so far from the Library, but I've put everything except the last 12 songs I bought on CD, so I can replace all of those. Luckily, the last 12 were all there.

This is one time it's come in handy to save all those receipts they e-mail to me.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Restoring Playlists - 01/22/12 11:55 PM

Replace your "iTunes Library.itl" file that is located in the iTunes folder with one from a backup to get your playlists back and Music associations back. It will restore everything to that point in time so anything you've added since then won't be there.

Last time you'll abort an update in the middle, huh? smirk

Had to mention that. smile
Posted by: Stumpy1

Re: Restoring Playlists - 01/23/12 01:23 AM

O.K., so I've got a file called iTunes Library.itl dated 11/14/11. Do I trash the current file, and move the November 14th file to where the current one is now?

If that will work, I should be able to reconstruct what's happened since with no problem.

Do I need to trash the old file, or can I just drag it to the desktop?

As for the "update," I don't ever remember having one before, so I thought it might be some kind of malware. Guess not. frown
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Restoring Playlists - 01/23/12 04:04 AM

Just move the old file to the desktop. Quit iTunes first, don't just close the window, quit the app. You'll be back to where you were 11/14 after you replace the file.

As far as the update, you mentioned that it was "doing some kind of update or review of files." Must not have been a software update then. It must have been updating its database. Maybe it got corrupt for some reason and it was rebuilding it.
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Re: Restoring Playlists - 01/23/12 11:48 AM

Thanks, Reboot! I'll give it a try and report back.
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Re: Restoring Playlists - 01/23/12 12:15 PM

Well, you get some and you give some.

After changing to the 11/14/11 file, more of the playlists are there, but not the ones I created myself. Also lost the number of plays on the songs, and the column order is different. I'll have to decide which of these I want most. Gained about 1200 songs showing after the switch, though, so this looks like it will be the least work. I'd lost more than I remembered.

Thanks for your help, sir! At least I have some more choices now.