iTunes -- hmmmm ...

Posted by: six_of_one

iTunes -- hmmmm ... - 10/21/11 03:14 AM


Anyone else have serious login/logout problems with iTunes?

It started with AppleTV saying I hadn't verified my password -- now I can't even logout of iTunes because it asks me for my password which it simply ignores and asks for again. Tried resetting it on the Apple website, which it seemed to accept but apparently didn't ...

It's seriously borked for me atm ... anyone else encountering this?
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: iTunes -- hmmmm ... - 10/21/11 09:48 AM

Yeah, last night on my iPhone trying to get an app. there was a message about the App store unable to temporarily process passwords
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: iTunes -- hmmmm ... - 10/21/11 03:12 PM

Yeah, things seem to be working again, although I ended-up changing the password for one account, which was a hassle ...

On a somewhat related note, this seems like an opportune moment to execute my annual gripe about not being able to merge iTunes accounts to a single Apple ID ...

... aaaaaaand GO!


Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: iTunes -- hmmmm ... - 10/21/11 04:46 PM

Yeah, I agree. I wish I could get my wife one and be able to use what she gets and vice versa...IF we wanted to do it