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Posted by: padmavyuha

Wikipedia app - 12/11/10 10:20 AM

Finally, there's a Wikipedia app for the iPhone/iPad. It's written in HTML5, and makes looking stuff up a lot quicker, and though it's in early stages of development, it's pretty good already, with savable bookmarks and a history.

The main thing it lacks for me at the moment is the option to change font size.

Note: this app is free, and available on the iTunes App Store grin.

Posted by: Papa

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/11/10 02:58 PM

Thanks. I will check that one out for sure. It is amazing how much I search for information at a lumber yard. All kinds of answers for problems with plumbing, electrical, and construction are right at your finger tips.

I like your choice of articles. grin
Posted by: carp

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/11/10 09:11 PM

Thats a helpful app.

I do have one question? Not sure about OS4.
But in OSX you need only to high light a word and get Wiki, dictionary and thesaurus all in the same window.

I guess this is not present in OS4?
Posted by: padmavyuha

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/12/10 11:03 AM

Might be better on an iPad, but on an iPhone apart from this app, there's just looking stuff up in Safari, which is pretty slow and limited to the same content this app provides - except without the history/bookmarks feature.
Posted by: Sarah Hastings

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/14/10 12:31 PM

Yeah, I am glad to know about the app, but I have concerns about how Safari is going to support this. Also history and bookmark feature is essential, so I might be looking for an alternative browser...i think
Posted by: carp

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/14/10 10:47 PM


Safari does have history/bookmarks feature. Very easy to use.

However, like what Pady mentioned.
Safari does not have a - if you high light a word and right click for definition. Sends it to a history/bookmarks folder.

I don't need that feature - I guess other people do ? The both features would be 2 clicks away . So whats the Beef ? ?
Posted by: Papa

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/14/10 11:01 PM

Macworld gives Atomic web browser good revues.
Posted by: Sarah Hastings

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/15/10 12:52 PM

Thank you very much for clarifying Carp, but I find it much easier if the browser provide word definition. It may not be your requirement but I need it.

@ papa ...Does this browser support a word definition feature?
Posted by: Papa

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/15/10 10:58 PM

If it is not listed as a feature in the link I posted, it probably doesn't.
Posted by: Sarah Hastings

Re: Wikipedia app - 12/22/10 10:28 AM

I am going to check it out, though my required information is not mentioned, because the reviews state it is better than safari... I hope it works for me.