Speeding up iOS4 on a 3G

Posted by: padmavyuha

Speeding up iOS4 on a 3G - 08/01/10 09:20 AM

Some folk are saying that disabling all the Spotlight Search options speeds up the 3G running iOS4 (after 2 hard resets, that is). Since I never use spotlight search on my phone, I'm giving it a try:

Launch the Settings app, go to General::Spotlight Search and deselect indexing for all or as many items as you want.

For me, after 2 hard resets, apps launch noticeably faster on first launch, and also switch faster when using task switching. Makes me a bit firmer in my resolve not to replace my 3G until it stops working.
Posted by: KateSorensen

Re: Speeding up iOS4 on a 3G - 08/02/10 06:25 PM

Thanks Paddy. I had difficulty finding the place to deselect apps, etc. but this site helped http://fwd4.me/FxM

I hope this will help with an irritating problem I've been having. Sites I load will just quit and send me back to iPhone desktop [is that what it's called?].

I don't know if it will speed me up. Not that important to me and I don't know if I could even tell if I get speed goose from this.

Anyway, I'm in my second week of 3 week wait for my new iPhone.

Even before I installed iOS4 I was having heat problems. They seemed to get worse. Have considered getting rid of iOS4 and reverting back to previous system.

I've been wondering if since there has been such a long wait for the iPhone White phone, if they might improve the antenna probs on Whitey ??? I ordered black, btw.

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Re: Speeding up iOS4 on a 3G - 08/02/10 07:15 PM

Who you callin' whitey??
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Re: Speeding up iOS4 on a 3G - 08/02/10 10:05 PM

Originally Posted By: NucleusG4
Who you callin' whitey??

If you're looking for trouble, meet me and the gang at First and Main Streets

tomorrow night. Be there!!! [ smile ]