the BEST New App

Posted by: DLC

the BEST New App - 12/09/09 04:26 PM

called Nuance... (Communications)

dictate all your notes, IMs, and eMails !!

send directly to Mail, Text Message, or clipboard to paste anywhere.

and what's cool is it's FREE !!

another is Red Laser - read any barcode in the store ... (from the camera lens) $1.99, but it'll allow you to shop and compare prices. I think you'll save the $2 on the First transaction !!

COOL stuff... !!

God this stuff is Awesome !! laugh
Posted by: scottyb

Re: the BEST New App - 12/09/09 10:09 PM

Yeah, I saw that Nuance, *but*...

The service is web based, i.e. your message/dictation/whatever goes to their server, gets decoded there, and sent back to you. Apparently their license agreement also states that they get to keep all your contact info, or somesuch. It's just hanging out there a little too far for me.
Posted by: Antonio

Re: the BEST New App - 12/10/09 05:10 AM

I keep meaning to purchase Red Laser... maybe I should do it now.