Authorization problem -help !

Posted by: DLC

Authorization problem -help ! - 11/29/09 10:15 PM

I updated my iPhone's firmware and now none of my purchased apps work. . . they try to open and then quickly close. I've heard it's an authorization problem. The iPhone doesn't think I'm authorized to use them.

I tried backup and restore - they still didn't work.

Any suggestions ?
Posted by: neil

Re: Authorization problem -help ! - 11/29/09 11:57 PM

Can you see the apps in iTunes? If not, that's your first step to solve.

If necessary, do a hardware reset of your phone (if you feel you won't lose data) and that may do the trick. These days, it's a relatively fast process.

Good luck,

Posted by: DLC

Re: Authorization problem -help ! - 11/30/09 12:30 AM

I can see the apps in iTunes, and I have already done a reset and a Restore... I may have to go see an Apple Genius.

Many are just games so no big loss if I have to reinstall, but a couple have sensitive data in them I don't want to lose.

It all changed after I did an iPhone OS upgrade. mad
Luckily I did a backup before it. I thought "restore" would do it, but it didn't.