Apple iTunes Phone

Posted by: JavaDog

Apple iTunes Phone - 09/07/05 01:30 PM

The iTunes Phone is out! Looks pretty nice too...

Introducing iTunes for your mobile phone. With iTunes on your Motorola ROKR E1, you can listen to music on your mobile phone, wherever, whenever you want.

Oh, and the carrier is Cingular...

Posted by: whitlock

Re:Apple iTunes Phone - 09/07/05 01:31 PM

Whats the battle damage on it? I missed that part.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Apple iTunes Phone - 09/07/05 01:39 PM

$249, nevermind. Looks like a good phone, though I don't like the design. I prefer flip models more due to size reasons. If they made a flip version, I may think about it. I've already got an iPod so why bother?
Posted by: JavaDog

Re:Apple iTunes Phone - 09/07/05 01:40 PM

Exactly, it will be interesting to see how it sells...

Oh, that $249 is with the requirement of a 2yr contract, too... :ohmy: