Keynote Remote

Posted by: Biggerfoot

Keynote Remote - 10/09/09 12:20 AM

Has any one used the Keynote Remote Application?

I have a USB Keyspan remote but it would be nice to have a Bluetooth remote instead of a USB cabled receiver. However, the Bluetooth remotes are kind of pricey.
Posted by: NucleusG4

Re: Keynote Remote - 10/09/09 12:43 AM

Hmmm... doesn't the remote that comes with Macs work with KeyNote?
Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: Keynote Remote - 10/09/09 12:55 AM

I do not have a Mac remote...just an EyeTV remote...figured since I have an iPhone in my pocket, I could it.

Posted by: carp

Re: Keynote Remote - 10/09/09 04:33 AM


There are iPhone keynote apps , so you can use your iPhone - I read about them just not sure if they are free and I also believe you can remote Apple TV too ?