Very cool app - Check it out

Posted by: mactruck1970

Very cool app - Check it out - 08/20/09 05:50 PM

I just saw this in

What do you all think? I use my iphone for almost everything and now this makes me want to bill my customers from my iphone... I am thinking of taking the plunge and just buying it as it is not as expensive as the other similar credit card terminals available...

Anyhow I just felt it was worth a post to see what others think and if anyone already has it...

Brandun Hicks
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: Very cool app - Check it out - 08/20/09 06:09 PM

Interesting but what all do you have to do to set it up? Seems like you would need an account somewhere? I don't know...

Posted by: mactruck1970

Re: Very cool app - Check it out - 08/20/09 06:29 PM

Your right I have an old merchant account since I opened my biz however as with any credit card processing terminal it requires a merchant account which can be opened by many vendors or banks. This app allow for folks like me to keep my merchant account which is why I am thinking about buying it.