Posted by: NucleusG4

SpeedTest - 07/19/09 03:40 AM

Speedtest now has an iPhone app...

I get 2049 kbps down and 265 kbps up with a ping of 265 on my 3Gs at home.

Posted by: polymerase

Re: SpeedTest - 07/20/09 09:03 PM

I have been using that for a month now.
House one: 13.62mbps/7.64mbps
House two 0.89mbps/0.25mbps

Which seems about right. I am paying comcast 119 bucks (with cable and phone) for 1 and 28 bucks for the other.

On no wifi 3GS I get 0.52mbps/0.21mbps which seems pretty decent. (The little icon is a tower.)

What sucks is that during the summer we are renting a lot of movies at house two. Planning ahead for a 4 hour download usually does not happen.

The other nice thing about speedtest is that it records the IP address and long/lat of the wifi that you are using. One can see if comcast has change your IP and when.