iTunes 8.2.1

Posted by: Mike

iTunes 8.2.1 - 07/15/09 11:37 PM

No more 'syncing' with Palm Pre... more info

"About iTunes 8.2.1
iTunes 8.2 now supports iPhone or iPod touch with the iPhone 3.0 Software Update. iTunes 8.2 also includes many accessibility improvements and bug fixes."

" iTunes 8.2.1 provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices."

Posted by: carp

Re: iTunes 8.2.1 - 07/16/09 01:01 AM

Why is that Apples fault ?

I would think that Palm Pre is the one that should be compatible not the other way around ?
Posted by: Mike

Re: iTunes 8.2.1 - 07/16/09 05:03 PM

Yes, I agree. It's kinda funny tho' that Apple didn't wait long before 'blocking' PalmPre.
Considering who's involved in the development of the PalmPre OS... grin
"After all former Apple iPod chief Jon Rubenstein now runs Palm and hes got scads o ex-Apple engineers there at this beck and call,..."