Radio Paradise App

Posted by: Jashue

Radio Paradise App - 04/12/09 03:56 PM

I don't know if anyone here has given Radio Paradise a try, but I think it's among the very best of internet radio stations. I've discovered more new music there than anywhere else.

Now there's an app which allows listeners to get this service wherever they go:
Radio Paradise
Oddly enough, the app is only rated at two and a half stars. But it has been reviewed much higher-- by both users that took the trouble to write them and by Macworld, who gave it four and a half mice.

I've only been playing with the app for a little while, but it strikes me as terrific. If my damn first gen iPhone didn't have that stinking too-deep jack, I'd be able to play it over my car's system and then consider dropping satellite radio altogether.

Here are the last few songs played:

Eclectic enough?

Posted by: Nagromme

Re: Radio Paradise App - 04/12/09 08:34 PM

Get the jack adapter... it will pay for itself quickly if you can drop satellite smile

I use Pandora (which isn't one station, but a make-your-own-station system) in the car with my iPhone.

I did use to listen to Radio Paradise a lot in years past though.