Amazon mp3s misleading

Posted by: padmavyuha

Amazon mp3s misleading - 04/11/09 03:56 PM

I decided to download Björk's Medúlla through Amazon rather than iTunes, to save myself £3.50 - Amazon says 256kbps (same as iTunes+) but it turns out that all the tracks are VBR, one track coming in as low as 159kbps. I feel strangely cheated - but as I understand it, there's no perceivable difference between a VBR mp3 with a set maximum bitrate, and a CBR mp3 with the same set maximum bitrate. So I'm benefiting from a smaller download, without losing sound quality. True or not? Discuss...

Oh, and I'm not sure if this thread belongs in this bit of the forum, but it seemed to fit worse everywhere else frown
Posted by: FSM

Re: Amazon mp3s misleading - 05/02/09 01:54 PM

i save all of my imported music at 256 kbps mp4s. i haven't fiddled with variable, but i do download a lot of music from Amazon. if it's variable then the headphone speakers i use can't tell the difference. i think the big difference is in the encoding in that VBR takes more time to encode than CBR . . . but that doesn't affect end users.