Just to put something in here :)

Posted by: padmavyuha

Just to put something in here :) - 11/10/08 11:05 PM

I'm well pleased with my new, non-faulty iphone - and now I've got a good comprehensive French dictionary and Fr-En dictionary on it from Ultralingua. I've also been testing out Spreadsheet, which is now up to v1.0.2 and can import/export MS Excel 2003 XML docs, which means it works with NeoOffice (which can also import/export the same). Entertainingly, in OpenOffice v3 they've broken the Excel 2003 XML export, so I've filed a bug to get that fixed. The Spreadsheet app is pretty cool, and the developer (a Brit!) is very responsive to bug alerts/feature requests. Plenty more formatting options and formula tags coming along, plus improved usability and (later on) XMLX support too. Watch that space...

- padmavyuha
Posted by: Salesgeek

Re: Just to put something in here :) - 12/04/08 04:03 AM

And if you like FileMaker Pro, you should check out FMTouch. Cool how they can get FileMaker to work on an iPhone...