Posted by: starmillway - 07/13/08 06:21 PM

How do I get to that place that use to be macdotcom where I made web pages, checked my email, etc.<br><br>I have tried but that does not work.<br><br>I got a sort of popup message that told me to update to and I did that.<br><br>tia<br><br>p.s.<br>I went to sys prefs and looked at sync stuff. Decided not to do that because my two macs have different things [bookmarks] and I don't want them both the same.<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by starmillway on 07/13/08 11:22 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: - 07/13/08 06:37 PM

You can't sync bookmarks anymore anyway. Just go to and sign in using either your .mac email or simply substitute me for mac - either works. I haven't checked today, but the homepage app wasn't available as of yesterday. Everything else seems to be working, though.<br><br>EDIT: Although the original info stated that .mac bookmarks were no longer supported in MobileMe, the option to sync bookmarks still exists. Since my Safari bookmarks are not up to date - I use FF nearly exclusively - I'm not syncing those anyway.<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by MacBozo on 07/13/08 11:45 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: - 07/13/08 06:58 PM

For what it's worth, my homepage is still working fine at the old url, Kate.<br><br>[color:red]&#63743;</font color=red> [color:orange]&#63743;</font color=orange> [color:yellow]&#63743;</font color=yellow> [color:green]&#63743;</font color=green> [color:blue]&#63743;</font color=blue> [color:purple]&#63743;</font color=purple>
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Re: - 07/13/08 07:01 PM

That didn't change, but the Homepage app is still inoperable. I just used RapidWeaver this afternoon to make some changes to a web site I have and it uploaded to my url just fine.<br><br>
Posted by: starmillway

Re: - 07/13/08 07:11 PM

<br><br>Okay. So in any one of those old dot mac sites of mine, I edit in Rapidweaver? I have that. Could you give me a little push in the direction I go to start editing an old site?<br><br>tia<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: starmillway

Re: - 07/13/08 07:14 PM still works for me to yoyo. I just wanted to be able to edit the pages or see how to make one of those new 'galleries'<br><br>I think Bozo is on the right track for now. Must use something else to do it.<br><br>
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: - 07/13/08 07:20 PM

I created that site with RapidWeaver. For now, I don't think you can edit a site made with Homepage unless you can import it into another app. Can you use iWeb to create a page/site? That will put it into your Gallery, I think. The Homepage app is supposed to become available eventually.<br><br>