itunes art

Posted by: yoyo52

itunes art - 12/05/05 05:05 AM

Where does iTunes keep its album art? I did a quick search of my HD anc couldn't find anything.<br><br>. . . . . Here's lookin' at [color:red]you</font color=red> kid.
Posted by: Pete

Re: itunes art - 12/05/05 05:13 AM

The data is embedded in the music file... <br><br> <-- octagonal signature<br>
Posted by: iraszl

Re: itunes art - 12/11/05 09:15 PM

That is why it's smart to keep the artworks relatively small. I had a friend who had 1MB jpegs attached to each track and was complaining for his file sizes.<br><br>creativebits / adsoftheworld
Posted by: socaltrojan

Re: itunes art - 12/27/05 07:14 PM

The itunes artwork is located in your Pictures file under your Home folder. The folder is labeled "iTunes Artwork".<br><br>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: itunes art - 12/28/05 06:02 AM

Not on my HD, and a search with the string "iTunes Artwork" brought nothing up.<br><br>. . . . . Here's lookin' at [color:red]you</font color=red> kid.
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: itunes art - 12/29/05 04:31 AM

the artwork is not stored in any directory on your hard drive, they are stored in the MP3/MP4 file itself.<br><br>