iTunes Automator Action

Posted by: pgamble

iTunes Automator Action - 09/30/05 10:45 PM

I was wondering if any one knew of a good place to find premade Automator actions. I already checked the Apple site. I would like an action that opens iTunes and plays a selected station on a playlist on a daily or weekly basis. This action would be kicked open by iCal. The iCal part is easy. I use Wiretap Pro to record my favorite programs on the internet. Wiretap is cool if you already have the audio playing. Sometimes I cannot be by my PowerBook to kick open the station in iTunes in time. Automator is not as easy as they demonstrated. I tired to make my own last night. Any ideas would be helpful.<br><br>
Posted by: hayesk

Re: iTunes Automator Action - 10/02/05 02:59 PM

Strictly speaking, you don't need Automator to do that, and there may not be the automator actions to do what you want.<br><br>You just want an AppleScript to open iTunes and play that playlist (or station), and then tell Wiretap to start recording. There should be several sample iTunes scripts on the web.<br><br>When you have a script to do what you want, just set an event in iCal to run it instead of play an alarm.<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: iTunes Automator Action - 10/02/05 04:09 PM

Some Automator and AppleScript resources:<br><br>Automator World<br><br>Doug's Apple Scripts for iTunes<br><br>
Posted by: pgamble

Re: iTunes Automator Action - 10/03/05 04:47 PM

Thanks for all the ideas!!! I will let you know what get to work for me. :-) <br><br>
Posted by: pgamble

Re: iTunes Automator Action - 10/03/05 06:30 PM

With both your advice I created my first Apple Script. Thanks a bunch!! <br><br> Play DI.FM Playlist Track 1.scpt.sit<br><br><br><br>