Keen iTunes trick...

Posted by: Optimus_George

Keen iTunes trick... - 04/12/04 02:53 PM

I don't know if this is new or not. I came across this accidentally today. Go to your library in iTunes or a rather long playlist. Shift-select a group of songs... an album perhaps and hit command-shift-n. A new playlist will be generated with those songs in it and the playlist's title will be artist - album. Pretty neat! <br><br>
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Re: Keen iTunes trick... - 04/18/04 11:12 PM

No one else may think so, but... I like your trick. Tell us more!<br><br>
Posted by: Optimus_George

Re: Keen iTunes trick... - 04/18/04 11:39 PM

Wow... almost a week until the first reply. I guess I'm not "swarthy" enough... <br><br>
Posted by: lislaz

Re: Keen iTunes trick... - 04/18/04 11:56 PM

Nice shortcut. Thanks George! This is the first time I've seen your post.<br><br>
Posted by: RubenC

Re: Keen iTunes trick... - 04/19/04 04:39 PM

Likewise, nice trick.<br><br>