Now Contact serial number for 5.3.2

Posted by: Cooganphoto

Now Contact serial number for 5.3.2 - 09/24/10 03:37 AM

I sent the following email (below) to John Wallace on 9/18/10. I need a serial # for Now Contact 5.3.2 and don't have any way to get one at this point (the website will not allow you to purchase one) unless he responds, or someone is nice enough to help me out with one... I was/am willing to pay for one (I should have upgraded in July 2009), but don't know if I will ever hear back from anyone at Now Software at any point. So if anyone can help with a serial # I would be grateful, thanks... you can reach me through my website:



I am sorry to hear that Now Software is no longer being supported, and I wish you the best in whatever direction you choose. If I can help in any way please let me know. The country is going through a difficult time and many of my friends in the photo business are feeling it all the way around like many industries.

On Thursday 9/16/10, I went to a seminar where the topic was "jump-starting your photography business" as the economy is down around the country not just our business I know, and after speaking with Judy Herrmann, she motivated me to want to start updating my database so that I can start the process, etc..., so I launched my Now Contact / Now Up To Date 5 and need to enter a serial number, which I do not have because the trial period ended last year.

I've been using Now Contact since 1995 and upgraded several times since then. I had not upgraded to Now Contact 5 yet, but had been planning to do so last year, and then a variety of things happened and I didn't end up upgrading.

Is it still possible to get a serial number for Now Contact / Now Up To Date 5? I would be happy to pay for it, I loved the ease of using the database for many years and hope to continue doing so.

Dan Coogan
Posted by: workchi

Re: Now Contact serial number for 5.3.2 - 09/28/10 08:41 PM

I am in the same exact boat. I am ready to write the check! Please help.