Contacts not Sync'ing and Notes aren't downloading

Posted by: shmerls

Contacts not Sync'ing and Notes aren't downloading - 06/01/10 04:07 PM

I apologize for this new thread as this is sort of a follow up to my MagicJack post - but it is really new. I uninstalled MagicJack. That wasn't the problem.

So I exported my Contact file to .txt and reviewed it and notice that my notes have varying titles: New Note, Palm Note, PalmPilot Note, and Pilot Note.

I created a new Contact file and imported the .txt data. My previous Contact file was named just "Contact" the new one is "Contact.nct" by default.

I've had this database for years over many versions of NUTD and think this is the problem.

If I create a new note in NUTD, the title is "New Note" and it doesn't download to my Treo even if I overwrite handheld. If I retitled it: "Pilot Note", it does.

But then there's the problem that my custom fields 1-4 and Email2 and URL end up in Notes on my Treo 755p so I'm wondering if I have a problem with those fields conflicting in records where I also have a Note created too.

I have 1070 records, 167 of them have notes showing in the .txt file, and none of them are sync'ing to my Treo, and to make matters worse, my Treo and Contact file aren't sync'ing at all.

I just created a new contact on my Treo with just a first and lastname, did a sync and it didn't show in my NUTD Contact file.

I can overwrite my Treo, but not sync, and my notes aren't downloading to my Treo even when I overwrite handheld.

So.. I'm thinking I have problems in my notes, maybe my pref file too.

Can anyone help me straighten this mess out?

BTW: I'm using Mac OS 10.5.8 and NUTD 5.3.2. Would upgrading to Now X help? I've emailed NowSoft about whether it's still for sale, but I've not heard back. Anyone know if it is and if it would help?
Posted by: cvbcvb

Re: Contacts not Sync'ing and Notes aren't downloading - 06/02/10 06:25 AM

My past experience is:

Notes labeled “Pilot Note” sync.
All Custom Fields, Email 2, URL’s, etc. are appended to the Notes section on your Palm device.
Go back to a previous working backup of NUDC contact file and see if that helps.

FYI, Now Software is out of business. If you’re committed to a Treo 755 I wouldn’t worry about tracking down a copy of Now X. However, you may want to review Missing Sync for Palm.

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Re: Contacts not Sync'ing and Notes aren't downloading - 06/02/10 10:57 PM

Yes "Pilot Note" does seem to work. I'm now experiencing that notes created on the Treo are not uploading to NUTD when doing a Synch. I may have to bite the bullet and either get a Droid or iPhone and abandon NUTD/Palm altogether. The big problem is migrating my database to theirs...
Posted by: cvbcvb

Re: Contacts not Sync'ing and Notes aren't downloading - 06/03/10 07:52 PM

Install NOW X and that will sync to Address Book and iCal. Thus your NUDC data is now “migrated”.