Print error -1

Posted by: iflyalot

Print error -1 - 05/18/10 08:39 PM

Perhaps after completing the most recent Snow Leopard software update installation, I am now unable to print anything and receive this error message:

The following error has occurred: -1. Please try the operation again.

I have uninstalled/re-installed Now Contact 5.3.2

Any help?

MacBook Pro
2.53 Mhz Intel
Mac OS X 10.3.6

Posted by: sallykt

Re: Print error -1 - 10/01/10 10:11 PM

Have you gotten any response to this problem? I am have the same trouble.

Posted by: cvbcvb

Re: Print error -1 - 10/04/10 11:30 PM

Printing appears to no longer work in Now Contact w/Mac OS 10.6.4.

It still works in Now-Up-to-Date though.