NUTD Server Question

Posted by: leonellis

NUTD Server Question - 05/07/10 01:31 AM

We are using all mac computers in our office. Our goal is to be able to have any user at any computer access the NUTD calender on each computer (we can do that) make appts, etc (we can do that), and have those changes updated to all the other computers when they "update servers". Basically, that is not happening.
I have created a server, defined categories on the server and client, but still no communication via what should be a central hub, aka, the "server". The clients on each computer each say they are "reading from the server [name], and then events are up to date, but changes made on each don't appear anywhere else.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: wyhtmgm

Re: NUTD Server Question - 05/07/10 02:27 AM

"Defined categories on the server and client"? That doesn't sound good. You should only define categories on the server, and when you define the sets make sure you select the server and its categories should be there. Since you see "reading from the server" I gather you made the server connection correctly but didn't select any categories from the server.

[attempting to correct my post later] I'm not in front of a computer with NOTD now, but I think I erred slightly above. It's when you define categories that you have to make sure you select the server first so you're defining categories on the server, not local categores. It doesn't matter what computer[s] you use to define the categories, it doesn't have to be the one that you installed the server on. Then you have to define sets on each computer, and the categories should already be listed.
Posted by: leonellis

Re: NUTD Server Question - 05/09/10 04:16 AM

Thank You .
That worked.
One further quest.
How can I transfer NUTD appts, etc, that are on one of the computers calenders so that they appear on the new server and all computers?
Thank you again-
Posted by: Kempy

Re: NUTD Server Question - 06/03/10 03:28 AM

Just moved our server from one mac to another. Can anyone recall where the server data files are stored?
Posted by: MasterCommunication

Re: NUTD Server Question - 01/28/11 11:10 PM

We have also had an issue with trying to find any appointments in our resurrected server system (creating server from Import Calendar File) except for 1 category, which is a default (not custom) "Personal Category" is the only appt that would show up after client updates to the server. All appointments dissapear, even though the Category Sets perfectly defined in the server do show up in NUTD and are selected to view. What else can I do? Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks.
Posted by: Kempy

Re: NUTD Server Question - 01/29/11 03:47 AM

Some times it does this - you would appear to be just not subscribing to the category correctly. Define/Category Styles and under Public Event Server select those which you want to access.Otherwise go to Define/Categories/drop down change from "=Private=" to "PubEventServer" or whatever you have called it and you will see your Categories.
Hope that that helps.