X wont let me leave to go to another window!

Posted by: rwestonsmith

X wont let me leave to go to another window! - 02/19/10 04:47 PM

If I am working in X and want to leave it for a moment and go and do something else, I click on my mail or browser and I start working. After about 5 seconds, X overrides what I am doing and puts its window to the front again. So I click on Mail to return to it, but it does it again - usually about 5 times before it FINALLY lets me do what I want to. Same with any other program I chose to use .... not just mail. What is with this software???? anyone else had the same INFURIATING problem .... and perhaps know how to fix it? Running a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard.
Posted by: ryoder

Re: X wont let me leave to go to another window! - 03/02/10 05:27 PM

We are aware of this issue and working on fixing it. It's a difficult one to track down because it seems to be a timing issue that is hard to reproduce.

If you could submit a bug report using the build in Bug Reporter (To do this go to Help > Report bug) we can then link your report to the others having the same issue. When you send us your report that way, it also sends us important information such as what OS you are using, what version you are on, and pertinent console log information. All of which can help us track down the bug faster. Thanks!