Exporting Tags/Keywords and Notes

Posted by: KPH

Exporting Tags/Keywords and Notes - 01/24/10 09:52 PM

I've been a loyal user of NC5 for 10 years, and have using NowX for three months. For a variety of reasons, the program simply doesn't work for me any longer. Using Keywords (I have over 70 and add more regularly) and Notes is critical to my workflow. How do I export all my data including Tags (used to be Keywords) and my Notes? Thanks.
Posted by: nuke

Re: Exporting Tags/Keywords and Notes - 05/17/10 07:04 PM

Did you ever figure this out? Please let us know.

I'm in the same boat. None of the competitive products was able to get all the data out. I'm still looking for a way to extract the notes, keywords, etc. data into text files.
Posted by: cvbcvb

Re: Exporting Tags/Keywords and Notes - 05/22/10 03:47 AM

Now X will sync to AddressBook with Notes and Categories intact. Or how about: