Password Protect

Posted by: owenskinner

Password Protect - 11/11/09 01:15 PM

Hi Guys.

I have been charged with finding a contact manager solution for a new company I have just started working for.

The main criteria is that the contacts and sensitive information are passord protected on the iPhone.... Is this possible?

Also will it keep the 'Business' Contacts & Calendars separate from the personal 'Address Book' and 'Calendar' Apps?

Will all this work with Blackberrys too?

It will be for 6 people too.

Regards, Owen.
Posted by: John Wallace

Re: Password Protect - 11/11/09 09:53 PM

Hi Owen:

Currently there isn't a way to password protect pieces of contact data since we sync to Apple's standard iPhone contacts and calendars apps. I've added this as a feature request for when we do our iPhone app.

-- John