My calendar says 'Untitled"

Posted by: dputrich

My calendar says 'Untitled" - 09/11/09 03:18 PM

I just started to use NUTD and the calendar window says the name is "untitled". I am using NUTD and synched with ICAL but intend just to use NUTD.

A long way around to the question: How do I title my now named "untitled" calendar.

Dan Richardson
Posted by: Sean_dup1

Re: My calendar says 'Untitled" - 09/12/09 12:18 AM

You don't say which version of Now Up-to-Date you're using, but if it's a version prior to Now X, you simply choose "Save as..." from the file menu and give your calendar file whatever name you like.

If you're using Now X, there is no file to save, the database is stored in your user library in the application support area, and the title of the widow "untitled" is actually the name of the active tab. If you want to rename a tab, simply double click on its name to select and type in whatever name you like.