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Posted by: macapple

Default set - 08/25/09 10:54 AM

I've tried to import my existing calendar (nutd5) file into Now X.
20 minutes later i got my events in Now X, but there is one big problem...
There are no sets...
In NUTD 5 i have 10 sets, so i can view per person or product what is scheduled.
After the import there are no sets, only the default, how can i import those sets, so i dont have to reacreate my entire calendar.

Hope some1 out there could help me!
Posted by: smwallace

Re: Default set - 08/26/09 06:17 PM

While we do import NUD's categories into the Now X database, we don't import the sets from NUD. So, in Now X, you'll need to use the Set Editor, accessed via the Set popup in the toolbar, to create the sets so they have the same categories they had in NUD. For example, if your set in NUD had five categories enabled, you would create a new set in Now X, and use the Set popup to select that set to have the current tab to use that set. Then in the Categories panel, turn on the checkboxes for those five categories. You won't need to do any modification to the events themselves, just recreate the sets.

Here is a screenshot of the Sets popup.

[attachment=1]<!-- ia1 -->Edit sets command.png<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment]

The Edit Sets... menu command will display the Set Editor.

[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Set editor.png<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]

Use the set editor to add any new sets you want to have in Now X.