24 hour time

Posted by: montylee

24 hour time - 07/13/09 02:57 PM

I realize that Now Up-to-Date 5.3.2 is obsolete but since Now X is so far behind in development, I am still using 5.3.2 for my calendar and need help. I had to re-install my applications on my computer and I cannot get NUD to display 24-hour time. No matter what I do it resorts to am/pm. I did a search for "24 hour" on the forums and came up with only a few topics on it but none addressed the issue on a Macintosh. I have set up System Preferences-International-Formats to show 24-hour time and that works on my menu bar. Since there is NO PREFERENCE in NUD for this, it should read the system clock and format, but it doesn't. If I change the Region to UK or Germany, then Excel does not recognize date input as mm/dd/yy (it uses dd/mm/yyyy) and I can't get Excel to work (and other programs).

So what is the trick to get NUD to use 24 hour time?