Email alerts for meetings??

Posted by: shinyash

Email alerts for meetings?? - 06/02/09 05:00 PM


I know that NUTD sends out meeting invitations via the calendar software, but I'm wondering if there's any way through NUTD/Now Contact that an email alert can be sent out to other parties. Not everyone in our office has the software, so I'm wondering if there is an easy way of notifying them when meetings are scheduled without getting everyone in the office a license.

Anyone have any ideas?

Posted by: Sean_dup1

Re: Email alerts for meetings?? - 06/02/09 08:29 PM

No, unfortunately, Now Up-to-Date can only send meeting notices to other users that are connected to the same event server.

When Now X is released, one of the reminder options for any event will be an email reminder that you can send out. Because the server is not finished yet, I can't say what notification options will be on meetings yet, but even the client will be able to send these email reminders in Now X.