"Reconcile fields" problem!- The system is taking over!

Posted by: Gonker44

"Reconcile fields" problem!- The system is taking over! - 04/15/09 02:05 PM

Hi, for years we have lived with a "reconcile fields" error message coming up - where a user who has imported new information is over-ridden by "the system" - the server - putting back into the updated contact OLD information that had been deleted. This has been an irritant, have put it down to the fact we operate in different timezones?

Anyway, the system seems to now have taken greater control - a bit like HAL from 2001 - and is now inputting email addresses into many records that it reckons are a "close match" - but are invariably wrong! We have not asked it to do this and cannot figure out why it is doing this?

Any ideas?