Reminders not working

Posted by: RobT

Reminders not working - 02/26/09 01:35 PM

I'm posting this for my brother. I've been trying to get his calendar working consistently for over a week now to no avail. He's running 10.5.3 and the latest software from this site. Sometimes they work, most times they do not. It is quite frustrating. We have checked the obvious stuff...make sure that Reminders are set to be received in QuickDay. Default snooze is 10 minutes, auto snooze is 30 minutes, stop reminding is Never. We know we can't set up tests less than 5 minutes we set them up overnight, and they didn't go off.

Can anyone provide some suggestions on what else we might need to look for? If I can't get the pop-ups to work 100%, he's going to be forced to ditch the calendar, which means I'm getting stuck paying for the two copies that were bought, since I recommended this software. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Posted by: Brian_C

Re: Reminders not working - 02/26/09 07:26 PM

You've probably tried this, but have you trashed the preferences file?