Multiple events

Posted by: lorrdon

Multiple events - 09/30/08 05:00 PM

Can I enter multiple, non-sequential , randomly separated dates for one event once ?
For example, an event called " Hockey game " which will occur 17 times, with no pattern such as " weekly ", or " 2nd Tuesday of the month ", etc.
Posted by: MagickMike

Re: Multiple events - 10/01/08 09:29 PM

No, not really. You can use the CUSTOM selection in Repeat, but there must be some pattern. There is no way to just enter in a series of dates to be the repeating event.

While this will not relate the events, you can select the first event (do not open the details, just select it on the Month/Week/or Day view), copy it (CMD-C) and then select the date to which you wish to paste a copy (CMD-V). Make sure not to copy anything else until you have pasted the event into all of the dates you want.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: lorrdon

Re: Multiple events - 10/01/08 11:08 PM

Thanks ! That's almost as good as what I was hoping for.