NUDC Multihoming on an Xserve

Posted by: TheMadCow

NUDC Multihoming on an Xserve - 09/24/08 06:57 AM

I have a client I recently installed NUDC 5.3.2 on an Xserve G5 D1.5ghz. We're using both EN ports, one to a hard DMZ IP that's outside the Sonicwall Firewall, the other is behind the firewall. EN 0 is the firewalled port and EN 1 is the DMZ port. When the port order is EN 0 and EN 1, the NAT mapping on the Sonicwall works fine to route NUDC traffic from the Internet to the server. However, the DMZ port no longer resolves traffic to it from the internet for a web app that's being served. When you swap port configuration order making EN 1 first and EN 0 second, then it resolves the web app correctly but NUDC doesn't resolve correctly any longer. It needs to resolve both for the local network users as well as off site.

I've gone into NUDC server and set which EN port is used and it resolves the correct IP.

I'm stuck on this one.