Business Card Readers/Scanners?

Posted by: adgeka

Business Card Readers/Scanners? - 08/01/08 09:13 PM

Anyone using a Business card scanner that
1. they like
2. works with Now

I am swimming in a sea of business cards (hundreds) and have no interest in entering the info manually unless I absolutely have to.

Posted by: TheMadCow

Re: Business Card Readers/Scanners? - 08/05/08 01:42 AM

Due to the obviously varied way cards are laid out, I haven't found a reliable entry method using these scanners. My solution? I hired a local High School student that was proficient in typing and had them type and enter everything. It was a win/win for both - she made some great money and I got everything entered like I wanted.

It was just too much grief to massage the scanned data and get it into the right fields in NOW.
Posted by: adgeka

Re: Business Card Readers/Scanners? - 08/05/08 04:34 PM

Thanks for the info MadCow. I may have to go the same route you did, but as I am newly self employed, I am barely able to pay myself, much less someone else! Smile