Now UTDC: Not compatible w/Leopard Server...?

Posted by: C C

Now UTDC: Not compatible w/Leopard Server...? - 06/18/08 09:47 PM

My expectation was that Now UTDC 5.3.2 would provide Leopard compatibility on both the client and server side: The release notes for the last beta, Now UTDC 5.3.2b4, describe it as "qualified on Mac OS X version 10.4 through 10.5". I think the earlier 5.3.2b3 had a similar description.

But when the final version 5.3.2 was released, the release notes stated that:
Now UTDC 5.3.2 "has been qualified on Mac OS X versions 10.4.11 and 10.5.2".
Now UTDC "is not currently compatible with Leopard Server."

I've been supporting an Xserve which hosts a Now UTDC databases for several years. I've upgraded all (25) of the clients to Leopard and sorely want to upgrade their server as well. Currently that Xserve is stuck at OS X Server 10.4.11 & Now UTDC 5.3.1 because of the above compability limitation.

Will there be an update to allow the Now UTDC servers to work with Leopard Server?

Or does 5.3.2 work with Leopard Server on certain configurations...or are there any work-arounds to get it to work?

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Re: Now UTDC: Not compatible w/Leopard Server...? - 06/20/08 09:55 PM

Have you tried NowUTDC 5.3.2 on a 10.5.x server or are you just going by the release notes?

I need NowUTDC to work on the OS X server, I'm upgrading this weekend.
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Re: Now UTDC: Not compatible w/Leopard Server...? - 06/20/08 10:37 PM

I'm just going by the release notes. I really need to upgrade that machine to Leopard Server for other features, and thus I'm tempted to go ahead and try it, but since they specifically added a note about excluding Leopard Server in the updated system requirements, I can wait until I find out more...up to a point. I really don't want to break our Now Server and then have to set up another machine just to be run that separately, if I don't have to.

I emailed Now tech support to ask about this at least a couple of weeks ago have not received a reply. Can anyone from Now Software give us any details? Is there a 5.3.3 update which will include a fix for this, or is that just wishful thinking on my part? Since there is still not yet a definite release date for NightHawk, those of us who have been running Now for years on OS X Server and are STILL waiting to upgrade to Leopard Server are left in a lurch.

Thanks and good luck...
- Chip