5.3.2 Address Book Sync

Posted by: lazlo

5.3.2 Address Book Sync - 05/04/08 05:31 PM

I just tried to Sync with Address Book after adding some new contacts to Now and I get an error message that Address Book Sync is not supported in Leopard. Anyone else have this problem? This is the ultimate deal breaker while waiting for Nighthawk. It worked ok in 5.3.1 (usually some errors). What now?

Posted by: chuckjazz

Re: 5.3.2 Address Book Sync - 05/04/08 06:16 PM

Me too. This with the 4/3/08 creation date version of V5.3.2 running under OSX 10.5.2.

In Now Contact, clicked on File/Synchronize/With Address Book and immediately got a dialog box with an icon of an Exclamation Point on a Red Stop Sign saying "Address Book Sync could not run - Address Book Sync is not supported on Mac OS 10.5 or newer."

Tried a different contact file, but got the same result.

Trashed the com.nowsoftware.nowcontact.plist and com.poweronsoftware.nowcontact.plist files and got the same dialog box.

What can we try next?
Posted by: MagickMike

Re: 5.3.2 Address Book Sync - 05/06/08 11:45 AM

Check out this thread...


It talks about AB Sync and a possible workaround.