Help importing text file to Up-To-Date

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Help importing text file to Up-To-Date - 04/06/08 03:23 PM

I am trying to import a text-exported calendar file from NUTD 3.6.5 on OS 9.2 into 5.3.1 on Leopard (I know, but Now's site seems to be down and I can't download 5.3.2 beta). I am doing the text-based import because the straight conversion did not work with either Contact or Up to Date. I successfully exported my contacts and reimported them into the new version on the new Mac, but after exporting the calendar, when I tried to IMPORT into NUTD, the file was grayed out and I could not select it. It IS a text file, and I exported it with the calendar template that NUTD defaulted to. Is it expecting a specific extension or file type? The file looks fine if I look at it directly as text. On a PC I would select "show all files" and it would not filter the choices, but there is no such option on the Mac. I can't search the Now site as it is down, so any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Help importing text file to Up-To-Date - 04/06/08 06:50 PM

Update- I installed the new beta for leopard and it is doing exactly the same thing--how can I get it to accept the text file? What am I doing wrong? I exported the calendar file in 3.5 with the default template, and it won't let me import it--it isnot selectable when I go to "import"!

OK, reexported and managed to get it to open the text file, but then got "Event Data Inconsistent" and it refused to import. I tried to edit the file (there was some questionable data) and when I resaved (in Text Edit) it no longer would allow me to select the text file for import. I'm going nuts!

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Re: Help importing text file to Up-To-Date - 04/07/08 01:23 PM

Moving right along, having had no success, I tried installing the trial version of NUTD on my PC (the Mac is my Dad's) and importing the text export. First run, I got the error for "inconsistent event data" and looking at the line,I see it was an event that crossed midnight, which other posts here warned me about. I cleared that up, but then got an error of : "expected another field of type "server""; I assumed that meant there were not enough tabs in that line before the return at the end, but to my surprise, it was constructed exactly the same as the surrounding lines. Even deleting the line entirely resuleted in the same error. Does anyone have any ideas now?

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Re: Help importing text file to Up-To-Date - 04/08/08 02:14 PM

Final resolution: I am posting this in order to help others trying to do the same thing. I was able to create a new NUTD database ONLY in this fashion (I am trying to go from NUTD 3.5 for OS 9 to NUTD 5.3.2 on Leopard):
export a text version of your database in NUTD 3.5
You can try to import that directly into NUTD 5.3.2, but it may not allow you to select the file under import. You can try adding a .txt extension. But you will probably get many errors and fail.
The errors seem to be of 2 primary varieties: "Inconsistent event data" which means you have events that cross 12 midnight, or errors where an expected field is not found. In my case, this was almost always the last 2 fields (server and "done" for those errors, there are tabs missing in the line--make sure there are the proper number of tabs to correct those errors). To fix this, I would recommend using a text editor that allows you to see the tab and return characters. I found Microsoft Word to be good for this--just make sure to set the page size large (I used 22"x22") and type size small (I used 3 points) to see the data all in single lines. You'll need to make the changes manually or by using find and replace (useful, but doesn't always work). resave the data as a text file, and try to use the import feature. IF NUTD will not allow you to select the text file, the only soultion I have found was to install the trial version of NUTD 4.5.2 (uses the NUTD 5 format), and import into that. You will need to select "all files" when you get to the navigation window to select your file for import, as the "text" file filter does not work. If you have no errors, the file should import fine, and you will be able to save a copy. That should open fine in NUTD 5.3.2 on Leopard. If you get an error, note the line number and check that line in your text editor. Good luck! '