NUDC 5.3.2 Nightmares - HELP!

Posted by: adamwunn

NUDC 5.3.2 Nightmares - HELP! - 03/11/08 03:07 PM

I will try to be civil; however, I am at the end of my rope with Now Software. I have MANY installed clients using 5.3.1 and all of them are on 10.4 excepting one. My 10.4 people have very few issues and 5.3.1 is very stable, but 5.3.2 (which admittedly is a beta) is crash happy and causes havoc in my one 10.5 office. If someone accesses the calendar via the web interface more than once or twice a day, the NOW webserver in the software sends out the same information for every query in the calendar. Doesn't matter what date or appointment you select, you get the first one you looked at. Same with with month. No matter what month is selected, you will see the current month listed even though the dates change. The company has to restart the server every time this happens to clear the issue very temporarily. This happens over and over again. The other issue we have is that someone can add an appointment to the server (via a server category) and it will seemingly sync, but no one else can get that appointment on their calendar until the server is restarted!

We are using brand new iMac AL 20" machines with 2 GB of RAM and 10.5.2 and all of the updates. We have a brand new mac server running 10.5.2 and a brand new netopia router. Everything else is clean and works.

I tried to send this request to now support, but I was never allowed to access our account. I tried using the exact email/password that we set when we purchased the software last month, but it doesn't work. Trying to run a reset with the automated system end up with a dead end. The system tells me that it is sending the password reset info to the email address we specified in our profile. It never arrives and yes I have checked every conceivable spam filter for the email.

I am very frustrated and my patience is hanging by a thread, especially when I explained to the company owner that his iPhone can't sync with NOW products.

Any ideas? Crying or Very sad
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Re: NUDC 5.3.2 Nightmares - HELP! - 03/21/08 06:49 PM

This is just a guess from the newest guy on the forum but here is what I did to get my 2 computer office stable:

Quit Now Up To Date (we don't currently use "Contact") and do a Get Info on the NUTD application and check the "Use Rosetta" box and then relaunch NUTD.

By the way my CPUs are a pair of dual quad core 2.8GHz Mac Pros with 8GB RAM.