Experience w/ NUD 5.3.2b3/Intel xServe/Leopard Server 10.5.1

Posted by: nasfmec

Experience w/ NUD 5.3.2b3/Intel xServe/Leopard Server 10.5.1 - 01/28/08 09:47 PM

Production: Now Server 5.3.1/xServe Dual G4 1.0 GHz/2 GB RAM/Tiger Server 10.4.11. All Intel Mac workstations across board running NUDC 5.3.1/Tiger 10.4.11. Except my Intel Mac Pro workstation which is running NUDC 5.3.2b3/Leopard 10.5.1. With existing production server, I'm running fine so far. As far as QuickDay and QuickContact goes, I have them disabled on all NUDC clients. The reason is QD and QC have always been a "known issue" at some point or another in NUDC, so I eventually disabled them across the board. So, I can't speak about QD and QC experience. Also, we don't use Now Contact, so I can't speak about it either. However, running NUD 5.3.2b3/Leopard 10.5.1 (connecting to Now Server 5.3.1/xServe Dual G4 1.0 GHz/Tiger Server 10.4.11) seems to be working fine.

New: Intel xServe Quad Xeon 2.66 GHz (Late 2006)/4 GB RAM/Leopard Server 10.5.1. Now Server 5.3.2b3 installed fine on this Intel xServe. Imported existing Event Server file. I used one of the production backup Event Server files. As of now, I have my Mac Pro at work (NUDC 5.3.2b3/Leopard 10.5.1) and my MacBook Pro at home (NUDC 5.3.2b3/Leopard 10.5.1) both accessing this Event Server successfully via separate Test.nud files. Granted, I'm not hitting server tremendously hard. Creating, modifying and deleting events here and there. So far, so good. One issue on server side that stands out to me: Public Event Server Log in Console. When I delete an event, sometimes the log is accurate with the event name it logs. Other times, I notice it logs an entirely different event name than one I actually deleted.
Posted by: Mark Gilicinski

Re: Experience w/ NUD 5.3.2b3/Intel xServe/Leopard Server 10.5.1 - 01/29/08 07:25 PM

Thanks for the post! If you could, please drop me an email with how its working for you. The Leopard Server/Xserve has been reported to be problematic, although we aren't seeing that on our lab systems.

- Mark