What does Error= -3180 mean?

Posted by: sdesign

What does Error= -3180 mean? - 10/26/07 08:18 PM

Whenever I try to define a new category on the public server I get an error message that reads "Unable to verify password on server. Error= -3180"

This happens no matter which computer I use.
Posted by: dnorcross

Re: What does Error= -3180 mean? - 10/29/07 04:07 PM

-3180 is not a standard error and not linked to a specific issue in Now Up-to-Date, Now Contact, or Now Server Manager. Since it is happening from all your systems when trying to create a new category, I believe it is a communication error between the local file and the server database. Have you tried restarting the machine the server(s) is running on?

Is it happening from Now Up-to-Date or Now Contact? And, which version of Now Up-to-Date & Contact are you using, under which OS version?
Posted by: sdesign

Re: What does Error= -3180 mean? - 11/05/07 06:50 PM

No, we haven't tried restarting the server, but we'll have to work on that. It's only happeneing with Now Contact. We're running Now Contact Version 5.0.2 on OS X Version 10.4.9

Historically, we've had problems with creating new databases without meaning to. It's possible someone tried to put a lock on the program to keep us from generating new, unwanted databases?

Posted by: sdesign

Re: What does Error= -3180 mean? - 11/06/07 07:12 PM

I've tried restarting the server now. Still getting the same error message.